A friend sent me the link to this shot movie and it took me 2 days ti watch it but after seeing it I can tell you I am so pleased to have watched the movie. Captureland, directed and produced by Nabil Elderkin was shot over 2 days, with a miniscule budget from his own pocket, entirely  casted with Jamaican actors in the beautiful Port Royal locale. The movie was inspired by the words of Nelson Mandela and the music of Jamaican reggae artiste Chronixx . It is beautiful, period. As a matter of fact it is breathtakingly beautiful, well acted, beautifully photographed and presented. It takes the viewer into the life of the rastafarians , their hopes and dreams but it also takes you to your own sense of purpose, your own Africa, your own Heaven and like the rastafarians you will be tempted to watch the movie again and again, hoping that one day you too can sail away into the sunset, heading for your peaceful place.



A short film by Nabil Elderkin inspired by the words of the late Nelson Mandela, and the song ‘Capture Land’ by Jamaican artist Chronixx. Captureland was shot in early November 2014 in the very welcoming and historic community or Port Royal, Kingston – Jamaica.

Presented by Montblanc, Capture Land was made as part of The Power of Words series. In partnership with the Tribeca Film Institute and the Nelson Mandela Foundation, this initiative inspires filmmakers to explore the written legacy of influential figures as a source of story and using film as a tool of education. In its inaugural year, the series will look at the teachings and writings of Nelson Mandela as inspiration for story.




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