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I got these pics from 3 followers today and decided to collage them to make a statement on racism. That statement is it is alive and always has been despite the mask of ‘fairness’.

The lessons learned in the #Ferguson case is not only poignant for the USA but for every black souls all over the world. Humans are the most complex beings with innate prejudices that are used against each other for monetary gains. The ‘System’ is powerful, controlled by the power of money. it cannot be fought in entirety but it must not be left unchecked.

As generations come and go each will face its own depth and degree of racism that it must confront. The Palestinians and Israelis have showed us one thing, that anger and hatred will always be present if both parties refuse to acknowledge and respect each other’s inherent right to exist despite religion, color, wealth or sex. Religion, the great neutralizer of the world, is nothing but an inhibitor, applied spiritually to calm the afflicted. It is to this that this generation and many others to come, are taught to inject internally to mask the pain of racism, wealthism and sexism but like all drugs the effects only last for a fleeting moment. We will always face this cancer of mankind so gullibly taught and spread.

Some will be affected, other will not but KARMA is also the great healer , with powers unimaginable. It has no deadline , it has no face, it has no smiling face for the virus of racism. KARMA when understood is sufficient. Time along with Karma is omnipotent. Everything happens for a reason unknown to us, there are no mistakes or coincidences. Humans also have a trait of never giving up, understanding their collective power when they come together. That power of collective majority is our only weapon against this virus. So, which is it? Let the virus decides , or never give up? The answer is: both.