In a world that is slowly being depleted of its resources there are a few that is making an effort to draw our attention to our suicidal activities. Without a doubt there is no argument. Our natural resources are dwindling, the climate is changing as a result of our industrial revolution, urbanization , over -crowded cities and out of control population growth, deforestation, beach and ocean reclamation and finally our natural talent of creating waste that has left a large footprint in our space as well as the space of the animals, whom we share Earth with.

We conveniently forget we are not here alone neither is the environment replaceable and like many other conflicts in our history, there are detractors, perpetrators and unbelievers. We are at a crossroads and these people from the Maia Earth Village are showing us how we can change. It begins with the idealist dream at the point of starting over, but not walking backwards in our footprint. Rather it is calling on us to change ourselves.

This is a lifestyle that is not for everyone or the faint at heart. It is for the person who desires to stop, take a pause of their life that is consumed with the energies of the world, cleanse ourselves of the toxins we consume in our bodies and start afresh on a coconut fast. Yes a fast. Fasting is the cleansing of the body, to allow the internal organs and biological functions to heal using the healing remedies of the coconut. It is from this cleansing that mankind can truly understand and stop this galloping race to destruction of our resources. When we change and take care of our body, we do the same for the World, knowing that the world and us are one.

I hope you are as touched as I was in this spiritual change. You can get more information from their website.(MaiaEarthVillage)

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