The world is occupied by over 7 billion people, that’s right, Billion with a capital B and there are quite a few of these people that are unnecessary.  You can spot these people most of the time as soon as they open their mouth. The radical, extreme, ignorant , most times incorrigible, asinine comments they make forces you to stop and breath. Makes you ask yourself why? Why do we have these people in the world?

One thing I have learned is that it takes a lot of different people to make this world turn. There is no such thing as a single culture, neither is there a notion of a common worldview. This is a significantly difficult concept for a lot of people to understand.  A world-view seems to suggest a single understanding of the world shared by all people. A common concept of a worldview that seems plausible is the notion that all men are created equal and should enjoy liberties , free to roam and thrive as the animals on the land and creatures in the sea. But even that notion is swatted like a bothersome fly.  There are several different meanings and understanding of worldview, in other words there are as much worldview as there are people on this planet, 7 Billion of them.

The world is now becoming one socia basket allowing one worldview to connect with another openly, allowing us to interact with millions. We can facebook, tweet, youtube or whichever one of the 205 social networks worldwide we choose , we can access for better or worse to a worldview that you can agree or disagree. Agreement gives you a sense of zen like feeling , allowing you to not feel alone with your thoughts in this world of billions.  And there are other views, those views steering in a direction that is unknown to man making you wonder if this person is one of us. In other words, is he human?

The speaker in the attached video is one such person. His worldview was so abhorrent it made the brother responding to his diatribe describe him as an “intellectually circumcised baboon”.  And that he is. Here is this educated lecturer with his Phd  with a worldview concocted with his head up his you know where , admonishing of all people Jamaicans as he seems to suggest that it is Jamaica and its afrocentric  culture, indiscipline and poverty that has created a society that let me quote him here…” militates against education, where white people want to become black, a particular destructive nihilistic gangster culture that has become the fashion….”

I am not shocked by his views. Frankly I am shocked that others on the panel did not take him on in his tracks schooling him on his rabid and ignorant views of both Jamaica and its culture and the history of the world that was created by the likes of his kind. He, along with many before him and those that will come after him, conveniently forget  which race  started this entire history of mankind against mankind, race against race, poverty and wealth, mass incarceration for profit, do you need me to go on?


Just recently I had a discussion with a colleague on the shape of the human existence  as we know it  today and I asked him the question WHAT IF?  What if the so called “civilised nations” had not explored the seas ? WHAT IF the civilised nations had used their own citizens for trade and produce, working the fields themselves? WHAT IF the civilised nations having met the Africans and other races decided to do business with them on fair economic terms encouraging the buying and selling of produce and not people? WHAT IF the civilised nations, along with Africans jointly discovered other lands in this vast world and agreeing to colonize and propagate freely and constitutionally allowing each race their fair share of allotment ? A lot of WHAT IFs and hypothetical scenarios. I suggest to you the consequences would have been different. Worldview would have taken on a different reality. The history of the world would have been rewritten, inclusive of the great contributions and advancement made by Africans and all races, not just the predominance of  caucasians as we were told  from childhood, by an education system designed by caucasians.

But we can dream and a few of us can respect  the contributions of our forefathers and the sacrifices they made to get us to the place we are today. The sad outcome is that some of  our own people, Jamaicans and every african descendant worldwide, devour that rich history and deliver it as feces at the feet of their brothers and sisters.  They have eaten the bait and continue to be doctrinated and controlled by the caucasians standards and version of civility, education and  commerce. In fact some of them  have become “mini whites”, exploiting their own for rewards that goes to the caucasian coffers, as he controls everything, everything that makes money he has a hand in it. Some of our brothers and sisters are unfortunately lost .

Thankfully a lot of us are not lost but  awake, alive and alert like the brother who responded to his views. A lot of us are intelligent enough to understand that his racist views, supported by many in this crazy world, are nothing but words coming from the lips of a walking garbage can, that spills filth as he speaks and like all filth we either step on it, cover it with dirt and bury it or  simply burn it, forcibly removing it from the face of the civilised world. Watch the video and when you are finished I hope you applaud as loudly as I did.

© 2014 Paul Tomlinson

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