I am a lover of technology. Actually I live technology. Inside my head I have created this country where  I live. a country called Chrystallia. Located in the Pacific Ocean, west of South and North America, it is a country so large it stretches from the north Pacific ocean to the south. It has 3 time zones, larger than South America and the US, Chrystallia is a country that mesmerises those that has the opportunity to visit.

In the world but not of the world, Chrystallia is governed by a Chairman and a board, parliament by other standards, made up from the greatest minds that live in our country. The history of the country is one shaped from battles of sovereignty from the Greeks and the many world generals that tried to colonize the country. Through blood and tears the people of Chrystallia fought for their right to be a sovereign nation and from the day of Incorporation,  March 29, 1859 , Chrystallia has as its charter to build a nation like no other on Earth where poverty is extinct and the nation’s citizens will be the primary assets of the country.

chrystalliaChrystallia is run like a business, not a typical country with cost and revenue paramount to the economy. Like any business it has a budget and covers all its cost before embarking on expenses. The country is profitable, dynamic, totally automated, zero unemployment, it operates on a 24 hour economic cycle where every business is operated on a 24 hour basis ensuring total employment and constant economic activity. No one works for more than 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. No one goes to the bank as every home is connected to the economic grid to conduct any and every activity. No cash his exist in Chrystallia, payment is by a chip implanted in citizens wrist. We do not have drug problems, medical problems, environmental problems, religious, social or political crises. Chrystallia is an ideal country where even visitors are managed, all requiring visa to enter from ‘Ports’ situated in all the continents of the world. No one is exempted, not even Presidents or Prime Ministers. We occupy a space in the world but not of the world. Our country is protected by super intelligent robotics with advanced machinery never seen by the outside world , 10 million in number, transportation by high speed rails and flying cars. We get involved in world conflicts only if one of our citizens are killed or captured by outside forces. Our motto is simple – A Chrystallian’s  blood is the blood of the country, a country  fought hard by its people.  Shed one drop of it,  and you declare war on Chrystallia.  We retaliate first THEN ask questions after.

In my world life is good, not devoid of problems but good as we fix the problems that exist and plan for every conceivable scenario. My world is not real or seemingly possible by human standards but that is to be expected as human standards are affected by the very humans, limited only by their propensity to change daily and their innate need to obey their baseless inhuman feelings. Is it utopia? Maybe it is but not one void of the realities that in our world everyone is accountable, everyone is discoverable by a chip placed on their personage, everyone  has to follow laws and like all business if it is broken, we fix it .

Chrystallia is a rare place. Some people have called us aliens, others say we are devoid of humanity and its realities. At 100% fully automated and technology driven our country is like Google and all the other fully automated companies of the world on steroids. But automation does not replace humanics.

This is where we differ from the rest. Simply put, in Chrystallia everything starts with humanics, the age-old Greek ideal of the balanced individual. We believe from our Greek heritage, that a person’s emotional, intellectual and physical lives are one, connected by our shared human birth into this world. The humanics philosophy calls for the total education of the body, the mind and the spirit as our shared humanity supersedes our individual existence

We uphold that value to be true, as the Americans hold to their value that “all men are created equal”  to be paramount to their existence.   In Chrystallia its not  about the automation, wealth and the utopian economy. People of Chystallia create a zen by balancing their bodies, mind and emotions to each other, understanding that there is nothing without the total whole of the sum of the people that exist. No person stands alone in Chrystallia hence we hold to be true that all men need each other, period.  Its about advancement, upward mobility and exceeding intelligence but it is also about balance.

Prince Ea, a resident of the US,  has seen this problem that is destroying the fibre of the people he shares his humanity. It is called a world of robotics, a world devoid of human feelings, touch, sight, hearing and emotions. He cries out from where he stands as he sees a  generation living a human caste system, driven by automation without management . He asks can you auto-correct humanity? Can you hit the backspace key and manually delete the errors of a society consuming robotics and turning themselves slaves to the world of machines?

The_Matrix_PosterReality as we know it , is heading for a dystopian society where Prince Ea sees his world slowly being consumed by machines and social media as the link that feeds them, the link that perpetuates the dream that all is normal. He sees a world where hellos and goodbyes are removed  from the vocabulary , replaced by tweets and messages. He sees a world where machines rule, waging a war on humanity that made them , only to conquer and turn the rebellious humans to nothing but social media zombies. We have seen this before. It was in 1999. Thanks to NEO and those awaken from the dream, The Matrix was a wake up call.

A whole generation is missing out on the human need to touch, see, hear and feel. A whole generation is growing up not knowing how to go on a date with each other.  A generation is walking into the sentient of machines and not knowing it is only a matter of time when they are wired literally to live, to speak, to do, to feel and to respond. Pretty soon machines will be the new terrorists.

I have let  you into my world. Chrystallia is open ready for visitors but there are caveats. Those that wish to travel and see our world must sign an application of humanity, one that states that in our world we are enlightened by our intelligence but governed by our humanity: our compassion, brotherly love, consideration, understanding, benevolence, charity,generosity and magnanimity.  Sign it and enter the world of Chrystallia. Don’t be fooled by the utopian lifestyle. Our humanity makes it real. We will never reach the point where our automation surpasses our human interaction. We strive to create a place for human existence, not a place for idiots.

© 2014. All Rights Reserved.

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