8:45am we took off from the City

Bright skies with the sun looking so pretty

I was headed to Heathrow with  precious cargo in tow

My young niece and nephew 

Their first trip with uncle far far from home

They could not wait to begin the planned journey 

For months that’s all they spoke

London here we come

To explore another world full of different folks


Relaxing, enjoying the 5 hour gap 

With friends eagerly waiting full of smiles and great  plans

We arrived in London only to be told

What a gruesome tragedy in New York had unfold

Rushed to see the evidence on TV

My eyes filled with tears not able to see

My mother and sister frantic in despair

They could not reach me or my friends 

To give sweet words of love, concern or care 

We realised we were the only ones that left that day

The world’s airspace was now closed to everyone

Without question and out of fear

Who could have done this so close to home

I wondered if my family had a problem of their own

With prayers and gratitude my family was ok

So too were a million other people I cared for and prayed 

I will never  forget the  souls of those falling 

Choosing the death they had no choice in asking

9/11 the World was never the same

One event changed the way we see and love and cared

Maybe it was meant to be

That a tragedy so deep would change us all so unconsciously 

But one thing I know that will never change

It takes tragedy, hate and despair

For us to see how much we are the same.

© Paul Tomlinson 2014

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