Thought i would share this with followers of the blog. Written by a pastor he states clearly why he thinks the church is losing its members. In essence the church has not changed . It still excludes those that are poor, dirty, hungry, forgotten, the homeless, the criminals, the ungodly, those sexually different, the drug users. In other words everyone the bible said Jesus hang out with, the exclude.

It is never easy to ask Man to be like Christ. It is too much a burden to bear. Man, that being of complexities tries and fails everyday in their quest to be like the big man. Meeting every sabbath is an attempt to muster up the faith to be like him but there are those that see this church going as a show, a big show that only the faithful are convinced that showing up weekly will somehow change them to be like Christ , while the unbelievers laugh at the comedy of errors, choosing to live their faith without the hypocrites of the good word. Interesting read. I invite your comments.


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