I am always the first to criticise Jamaica for the shortcomings and our willingness to accept mediocrity as an excuse for not applying the knowledge of nation building and the preservation of our culture but I will also be the first to say WELL DONE to all the uniformed forces that participated in the solemn occasion of the State Funeral of Sir Howard. Once again a feeling of pride for this country flew high above the winds of turmoil and chaos that churn below.

Excellently executed, the performance once again proved that we are better than what we present to ourselves and to the world. All it takes is discipline, a vision, collective empowerment and national determination based on the vision to move forward. We have to stop thinking we have time so we can lay under the proverbial coconut tree. The world is moving Jamaica. We cannot be left behind. Sir Howard’s passing brought out the best of Jamaica. We buried that great Jamaican. Let us not bury our greatness as well.

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