rohan daleyheil_hitler_1
 As the majority of Jamaica watched the remaining minutes of a very good World Cup, the viewers of local television CVM Television was subjected to an over enthusiastic and crass remark by the reporter and I quote..’ Well my team won….Heil Hitler…”

A quick reference to those who are too young to understand this phrase. During the Nazi era, 1933 -1945, it was a common shout at political rallies. When meeting someone, it was customary in Nazi Germany to give the Hitler salute and say the words “Heil Hitler!”. Hitler was the Supreme commander and engineer of atrocities against humanity, frankly speaking anyone who is NOT German was regarded as insects of the world. So the term actually means HAIL HITLER and was mandatory during his reign.

Today that phrase is a phrase that is LEFT UNSPOKEN and if one can wipe it away from the face of the lexicon dictionary one would. It is a phrase that conjures up too many suffering, too many killings, too many bloodshed, too much dominance and too much slavery of the mind. Indeed say that phrase to a German and he would not only be insulted, he would probably smack you in the face for insulting him. Yes even the Germans want NOTHING to do with Hitler. But here is our goodly reporter loudly proclaiming HAIL to the deadbeat of all political leaders…HITLER. What a donkey Rohan Daley is?

Mr Daley, to lay claim that your exuberance caused you to get excited and spill your guts is to say don’t blame me for shooting because I have a gun. Mr Daley, as a reporter you have a responsibility,no let me be more specific, you have a moral obligation to maintain your independence from what you are covering. In other words Mr Daley, your personal exuberance and personal team choice has nothing to do with the coverage neither is it any significance to the thousands of viewers. Hard as it may seem Mr. Daley it is not difficult for a professional to keep his personal comments to a level of integrity and have a sense of personal sense of ethics and responsibility. Yes Mr Daley it is to have a moral compass. Your comments were crass, careless, morose and downright RATCHET. But then you are employed to CVM TV so no wonder from a place of no standards.

Mr Daley you are the DONKEY OF THE DAY, and so too are your employers that has not done anything publicly to cover the wounds of your stupidness.

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