fans watching the game in Sao Paulo

fans watching the game in Sao Paulo

“This has never happened to me in a game of football. That a team so well-organised, so complete in every area can lose four goals in six minutes. In my 31 years I have never seen six minutes so without explanation.” Dani Alves ,Brazil defender.

The world watched as the patriarch of modern football lost in probably their biggest football game to a team they had previously beaten 2-0. In 6 minutes or 360 seconds the team stopped. They stopped thinking, playing and executing. Analysts worldwide will be studying this 6 minute collapse for years not only to make sense of what happened but also to create a lesson plan , a psychiatric blueprint if you may for teams to study and coaches to implement to save future teams from experiencing similar mental block.

Yes everyone, including Germany was shocked at the outcome but there is a deeper problem that exist in the team of samba football. Pressure, mentally and physically is a blighting factor that we all think very little of. We know what it can do and medical science has sound reference on how to deal with pressure . But frankly , a team of 11 men, with an assumed leader and no field marshall as accustomed to in training and bearing the weight of 200 million Brazilians on their backs is a daunting task that no one, including the Germans ,could handle. My only logical explanation is the 13th man, pressure, took a toll on the team. For centuries mankind has called on objects of poignant strength and alcoholic brew to deal with the madame. Unfortunately Brazil had no such luxury. Shrouded with a masks of happiness and confidence Brazil faced their fears, and blinked. Fear stood in their path and Brazil bowed, offering the only remedy they could have at that point, a total and submissive suicide.

A reporter from said it best…..
….In the time that elapsed between Miroslav Klose scoring Germany’s second of the evening and Sami Khedira their fifth, Joachim Low’s side showcased the poise and skill that made them one of the favourites for the title right from the start of the competition. Yet they were unquestionably aided in their task by a desperate Brazil side that simply collapsed from within.”…..(

Despite the apparent embarrassment Brazil has taught the world one important lesson. To deal with pressure you have to call not on external remedies or fake social partnering. Rather employ your inner peace, search deep within for your inner strength, breathe and laugh. Let it all out. Scream, open up your lungs and scream. These will be the lid on the pressure cooker of life. But without a lid you will be like Brazil, a team that exploded leaving their brains on the ceiling of Mineirazo.

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