Write What Yer TOLD to 1

Someone said once every Journalist is a moralist. I can even go further and say every police is a judge, juror and executioner. In every profession you will find human characteristics and failings influencing their decision. Its the consummate professional that can separate and walk that thin line of their personal stance and their objective opinion . That person is the one that people will regard as a  great person, a great professional.

There has been a story published by a leading newspaper,  floating in the social media circles about an alleged rape of a man by homosexuals . When you read the story there are a lot of holes in the story. The link is below for you to read the story as well as this fellow blogger’s response to the debate.

What bothers me is a national newspaper is allowed to print a story like this and there is no agency, talk show or other media house that will take them to task and frankly embarrass them. How can a professional media outfit publish such an article and not be held accountable?

I have always maintained the press is not really free in this country and to an extent it is not regulated and monitored either. The obvious flaws in their story exposed by the social media seems to be the only jury that focuses on their agenda of crime upliftment and expose them but whither Journalism, whiter accountability?

Frankly I have stopped reading the media house since that article as it is now evident they are not journalist doing their civic and professional duty to inform, educate and expose the truth but rather they seem to be by overrun with dumb, gutless, sensationalist liars masking and parading as journalist breeding the stench of their own mediocrity. They sadly live in the gutter of gossip and with rats as their friends. This profession is in trouble.

THE STORY: Man Gang raped- read the original story here:


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