CONGRATS BAHAMAS…..First Major International Sporting Meet at new Stadium.
I am very proud of the job my second home did at the now concluded‪#‎IAAFWorldRelays‬…..2014
1. SCENERY: The stadium looked beautiful, typical of the location, excellent temperature, homely as the fans were close to the action, healthy as you could feel the air even looking through the television and the tropical palm trees in the background made the setting idyllic and enchanting. IAAF need to invest in this part of the world as it lifts their brand to a truly international status.
2. BROADCAST: The international commentators loved the place and games, suggesting the Olympics to be held there. I will take it a bit further…hold it in the Caribbean Islands…Bahamas, Jamaica, Tdad are the lead nations on this. The World Cup tried this with Seoul/Japan, over to you IAAF. Lot more could be done to make the broadcast more international and focused on selling Bahamas the destination. Missed out on that opportunity.‪#‎sponsorship‬ perhaps?
3. PRESENTATION. Some first were added at Nassau games and this was beautiful. a) BDF presentation of colors for each finals , a first at these events, you may see a lot of nations following this. Absolutely brilliant idea.

BDF presentation
b) Presentation of athletes was excellent..dramatic and powerful, the presentation not only presented the athletes but presented Bahamas every time the curtain opened. A simple but perfect marketing.
c) Medal presentation was also different with one large podium and each team getting their little minute of glory. The picture taking at the end was a photographers’ dream, orderly, not cluttered and worthy of the teams. Another excellent idea well executed.
d) Music as fillers; Its the Caribbean so it is to be expected the presentation must reflect the lifestyle we live and what better way than to infuse music in the production. Kept the mood uptempo and the audience moving. A bland athletic event now becomes a music festival , truly Caribbean. Junkanoo music makes it explicitly Bahamian. Well done.

Makes me proud Bahamas as you not only prove we, and I mean the lowly Caribbean can do it, we can match any of the richer countries on presentation. Sure there are and will be improvements and the next games must reflect them the first being the broadcast of ZNS as well as technical glitches at the meet. But notwithstanding, a fine job, excellently done, presenting brand Bahamas as a global partner in world athletics. .

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