Crime in jamaica, Wow, what else is new?
The sad thing is Erica’s words, as prophetic and diagnostic as they are will fall on deaf ears. A few of us are sick and tired of the current state of this country so Erica you are not alone. But I am convinced that Jamaicans are sitting and waiting on a miracle to happen.

This is how we deal with crime in Jamaica. We have a prayer breakfast every now and then to show the world we are ‘doing something’ tangible about crime and God will somehow speak to the bad boys. At least that’s the church’s remedy. They also have gun amnesty so the perpetrators bring in old non functional guns to make way for newer, high powered models.

Then there is the civilian way . They let the hustlers and the police kill each other and when it spills over in the top echelon of society they hold their head and cry shame, flood their face with tears and vow to leave Jamaica never to return. The wealthy will pay to ‘protect’ themselves from the disease and the educated middle-class remain selective on their going abouts. So to a lot of people the problem does not affect them. There are also some ready to equate crime here as a natural phenomenon, something that will always happen so why are we ashamed? When I hear this argument I always ask them to say the same thing to the Swiss and hear their response. In switzerland most of their crimes are committed by foreigners. WoW.

Some how the sun will always shine, tourist will always come and Jamaicans will always run fast and win medals. We are also content that if we can buy hair, bleach the skin. travel as we please, have the biggest parties and entertainment , drive the biggest car then the problem is not really my problem so why should i do anything about it? The mentality is ‘I elected a government to fix crime, they can’t seem to fix it so let me do what i do best and that is “hole mi cawna” and try and not get any mess on me when the S&*T hits the fan. After all there are 3 Jamaica- the Wealthy Jamaica, the Don’t Mix Jamaica and the hustlers. I have already dropped my defense for this country. We will continue to wander in this wilderness of backwardness and despair for another 40 years. Crime is a fact in the world. We know that. But in Jamaica we know the reason, the poor and the uneducated are manipulated by the greed and hatred of the intelligent. What are your thoughts?

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