There is a storm brewing in the South American continent. The organizers and government of Brazil are fighting what they call the “bad image” to Brazil as it relates to sex tourism. They have managed to successfully ask the owners of a suggestive T-shirt, seen above, promoting sex tourism to remove it from the market. Adidas, the owners of this tee have complied. But has the government won this battle?

The 2014 World Cup is scheduled to be opened in the most sensual city and a country that features the most erotic carnival in the history of carnivals, Rio Brazil. Achieving the status of host country is no mean feat. Brazil had to produce, offer and guarantee more than what they could have imagined, half of which were not factored in or presented in their official presentation to the governing FIFA body. How could they? Its’ impossible. Brazil cannot realize or imagine the size of the social hospitality  that will suddenly balloon as a result of the event in their country. They may think they have estimates on how many people will attend the games but they will never know the real impact on the economy by way of direct and indirect forces of a social kind that always go with events of this size and scope , and that is SEX.

If 3 people out of every 10 go to Brazil for sun, sea and sand, the other 7 go there for sex, period. The country has become synonymous with the word and it is no one’s fault. Where there are beautiful people , a liberal lifestyle, large-scale poverty and endless entertainment sex happens. Sex Sells.

The government actions in trying to stomp out this natural proclivity to sex by the people of Brazil is in 2 words , absolute nonsense. The pot is boiling , take off the cover and let the steam out. You cannot control people’s desires. Seems like sponsorship dollars are speaking here or at least trying to cover the mouth of what I call “Brazilian flavourism”. Here it is , a country that sells the biggest open sex party in the world , Rio Carnival, and suddenly the country is trying to clean up their reputation and not associate sex with the country? That is like saying Germans don’t sell BMW, they only drive it. Enough already. Be true to self.

BRAZIL, google the word and you see  the statue of Christ, how ironic, Copacabana beach, beautiful people in skimpy beachwear and SEX. If the government thinks that thousands of people are only coming there for football only they had better start taking their  meds. As a matter of fact SEX drives more people to the country ; Sex and football, what an intoxicating mix.

Try all they want the government’s move has just made that T-shirt the hottest item for buyers of controversial items and they will be hard pressed to sell as many official FIFA tee  prior to the World Cup games as what will sell by the “official” sex tee.. People will buy the tee and arrive in Brazil waving their flags proudly going about their business and looking forward to what Rio will offer and there is nothing the government can do about it.

Gone are the days of trying to drown out the local Mom & Pop business. Big money has little control over people ‘s desires and wishes. Sure they can try to promote Brazil for what they want it to be, but in the mind of the millions of people travelling there today and for the upcoming games it is what it is…a sexual paradise hosting the world’s most popular game. What an orgy it will be.

2 thoughts on “SEX SELLS.

  1. Read the post again and this time slowly. Nothing in the post is suggesting child exploitation. Im not defending sex tourism either. It is what it is. Reality has a way of hitting you in the face. Some deflect it thinking it will go away whilst others look it straight in the face and say..okay this is reality. It is facing the brutal hard truth. No use being a hypocrite.


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