There is a great piece on Jamaica’s tourism initiative in China. Read the link and be entertained.

Wow..Jamaica, Jamaica. Sometimes i wonder if the country has ever heard of technology and the benefits of it. I am not surprised. Jamaica has not changed in the last 30 years. The only thing that’s changed is  Banks now have television in their hallways so that customers don’t die waiting on service. They can now watch TV. Watch an entire episode of your favorite sitcom while waiting on the next teller.

We are as backward as they come. Asking the Chinese to trek thousands of miles is the same stupid way of governing Jamaica in 2014 where you ask people to go to Kingston for the simplest of item.  We are a small island with a small island mentality in a big industrialized world. We are pawns when it comes to technology and tourism. And to think the millions of dollars we are losing because we now allow the Chinese to come to Jamaica without a visa.WoW. Let them buy their Visa at the port of entry. Charge US$10 per person. Its revenue. Charge every nationality including the Americans. Nothing is free anymore in this world, why should our shores be free? As for Nigeria they are trying to keep the ‘scammers’ out of the country so they must have a Visa….HA…that in itself is another topic of discussion.

Houston we have a problem. Jamaica is in dire need of common sense governance. HELP, let’s get the knife out of their hands before they chop their heads off.

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