It is ironic that a country in Africa, bred out of oppression, racism, segregation and discrimination should now inflict the same disease on its own people. It is ironic that a country from Africa should embrace social strife and trepidation and use cultural beliefs as the basis for implementation. Africa has not been free from homosexuality. History has shown that a former Ugandan tribal King, Kabaka (King) Mwanga II Basammula Ekkere was bisexual.Why is this information important, simple, its nothing new.

The basis of Uganda’s  present belief is that this ‘disease’ is a Western import, affecting their cultural and religious lifestyle and perverting their kids. Interesting thought. Uganda, like all countries in Africa has been affected by various Western influences including Religion and other lifestyles they now enjoy. Why cherry pick this disease and leave the other bad ones out of the equation? The West introduced  their brand of alcohol, urban dress, urban music, television, the internet to name a few , are all Western “diseases” that have done some harm and good depending on what glass you are looking through.

Except for cultural African customs, all activities in Uganda are all derived and driven by outside and Western influences. This is a lame excuse for an immoral law. If it looks like discrimination it is discrimination.. Blaming God for executing this law is riding Christianity like how the Pharisees rode King Herod. Uganda is saying don’t blame us, blame Religion. God is tried of taking the blame.

The people of Africa, like all people all over the world are all different, some are straight, some are  gay. Period. No law can stop it. I do not call this signing of the law human ignorance. I call it the Black holocaust. Like the Nazi treatment of the Jews, the color of the actors in this scenario has changed . It is Black on Black, brother against brother, sister against sister, a continent still on the plantation.

How ironic that a continent that fought racism and discrimination should now celebrate its emancipation with a single signature on a Law of Death that puts it right back to where it all started….the dark dark world of singular degradation of a few that led to blood shed. The soil of Africa is wet with the blood of its people. It seems that the people are still shedding blood, but this time its their own blood from their own people and they cannot blame anyone except themselves. Africa is weeping. Africa is bleeding.

You can read the WSJ on the law just passed in Uganda on the link..  AFRICA IS WEEPING, AFRICA IS BLEEDING.


  1. Spoken eloquently and forcefully. Thank you for your comments. I am happy you see the negatives this will bring to both causes. Cheers.


  2. I read about this Ugandan law as well as a story about Arizona’s governing wanting to make it legal for companies to discriminate against gays based on religious purposes, like anyone can write a law that’s gonna stop people from being the way they want and need to be. Giving people a life sentence because of their sexuality is inhumane by our standards and does Uganda’s president really think that this is going to deter people from being homosexual? All he’s really going to do is send homosexuals even deeper into hiding and who knows what this is going to do to their political standing in the world. They are really going to give people a life sentence for not reporting homosexual behavior when they see it? And some of the peoples of Africa want to know why the rest of the world looks at them as if they’re hopelessly ass-backward?

    Arizona’s governor has issues and she needs to listen to the people telling her not to do this because, last I heard, any form of discrimination when it comes to hiring is a federal offense. Two major corporations have pretty much promised to wreck Arizona’s economy if the law is enacted and it really and seriously makes me wonder if she’s really doing what’s best for the people of Arizona or if she’s pressing her own personal feelings onto the state’s residents.

    Okay, so, since this is America, you can religiously object to pretty much anything that tickles your fancy… but using religion as an excuse to discriminate against fellow Americans? This cannot be allowed to happen and it should not happen; hasn’t this country had enough of the negative effects and damages that discrimination has caused? Makes me think we’re back in the 1950s again…


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