Have you ever seen 2 people sitting in a car , talking and you wondered what are they talking about, especially if the conversation seems intense. I know I sometimes wonder. Well , what if you could put a hidden microphone in the car and eavesdrop on that convo? or what if your convo was exposed in a web-series, artistically of course?

One Economy & Feinman productions have this delicious web series called Front Seat Chronicles where it gives you snippets or intrigue into front seat convo in a car. These convo are typically conversant with the usual repertoire of you say I say, you mean I meant but in the end they are all very deep, like they usually are.

Beyond Entertainment loves the series and applaud the creators/producers on every level. We hope you enjoy the journey as much as we did and look forward to their fascinating and enduring less than 10 minute creations of real life drama. Let me know what you think. Visit the website for more.

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