I recently read an article from a Mr King on the Vybez Kartel case and its importance to Jamaica. He mentioned in the article that there are some 400,000 cases backlogged in the judicial system. Ok, hold on a minute..400,000. He mentioned that some of the crime are so heinous that the perpetrators are refused bail. Ok, hold on a minute…there a people locked up in jail for years because the system cannot  afford to have them released and the system is too clogged to hear their case so he is there..just sitting in jail? 

It took me a good 5 minutes to swallow that stats. So I went to work. I decided to find out the facts on the judiciary in Jamaica and there it was from a high court judge.

Justice Smith said the backlog of cases, said to be more than 400,000, has been a cause for concern. However, she said little attention was being paid to issue because the system disposes of cases daily.. “Numerous case are disposed of on a daily basis but we don’t hear about those that are disposed of; we hear about the backlog and it’s the court that has the backlog. But what I would say to all concerned is that we need to participate as a team in trying to get the cases off the list,” the judge said. She added: “The fact is that many cases — both civil and criminal — are coming into the courts at a rapid rate but the resources, physical and financial, are not enough to address the situation” she said.


So Mr King claims were true so the question is why is Kartel’s case called up so early?  Are the 400,000 backlogged cases any less important than Mr Kartel? ? If what he says about the court system of 400,000 cases cleared off in 2123 just dealing with no other new cases, then Houston we have a serious problem. 

I tremble for this country as Justice seems to be sleeping forever. The moral and sociological arc of any nation bends at the elbow of Justice and whilst the Lady can be blind and her scales tipped on the wrong side at times. she is the glue that holds people together. It is from Justice that everything as we know it springs, culturally and economically. 

A nation without Justice is like a rudderless ship and that is why Mr King, this is so important. Jamaicans have lost hope. Justice is for the rich, not for the poor. Thats why the words are eloquently expressed daily in the dancehall culture. The so called fight against babylon is the protest, silent or otherwise of a system that constantly demoralises people, placing them back on the plantation. Why are we surprised when people react contrary to their human nature? Treat people like pigs they will act like pigs. 

Jamaica’s legal problem is clearly above the “do something about it” mentality of the present or any other government of the island. If we are to have any hope of a semblance of calm and a restitution of civility amongst the poor, the police and each other then Justice must the Dam that holds law and order. 

Mahatma Gandhi said…There is a higher court than courts of justice and that is the court of conscience. It supersedes all other courts.

Our leaders are without common sense, we all know that. They prove it everyday.  But whilst common sense is not common, every man has a conscience. Seems like poor people always had to resort to using their conscience to deal with the injustice meted out to them, perceived or otherwise. They use the only thing  they have to face laws or stand up to corrupt police and an equally corrupt government and many have died and imprisoned for that belief. They are in essence the ones that respect the rule of law and that is all men are presumed innocent until proven guilty.  It follows therefore that when our leaders reach the level of the poor people and use their conscience , then maybe, just maybe Lady Justice will smile on this island , restoring once again sanity and civility in this beautiful island of Jamaica. 


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