What is fearless?

It is thinking the impossible
And making it possible

It is stepping out of your birth zone
And entering another regardless of your DNA

It is challenging your competitors
On an uneven field of competition

It is stepping onto a world of ice
And making it your playing box of sand

It is breaking the glass barrier
And proving that you belong as a Nation

It is facing an icy slope
And hurling yourself against the giants

It is saying….Yeah , I can Do That
And you have never done it before

it is feeling millions of eyes on you
And smile like the sun rises to face another day

It is telling generations
That if you believe, it can be achieved

It is dreaming
And waking up knowing the odds are unreal

It is simply you
The insignificant you
A boy from the Caribbean
A boy from Jamaica
That refuse to let the odds
Define your existence

It is you
Challenging the Gods
That you give yourself freely
To discover the truth of your fearless self.

Well Done Jamaica.

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