The talk that surrounds MSam and his acceptance or non-acceptance in the hallowed NFL locker room is nothing but verbal and mental therapy. You see people have to talk about issues that forces them to deal with change . It is not easy for those that believe in the sanctity of the NFL locker room, that holy grail of masochism. To allow someone who loves the same sex inside such a room is blasphemous. So the talk is fueled by mans hypocrisy and ignorance hoping to rationalize and defend their different opinions.

This discussion on man’s hypocrisy has happened every time he faces change. Change is not a word that he fears. Change is reality and the reality is when man is faced to accept his reality he fights, he hates he even kills but change never comes easy. So heres to another starting point of change in the NFL. They broke down racial stereotypes now they face sexual tolerance. Is this the end, of course not. There are more barriers to be broken but bit by bit you eat an elephant one bite at a time.

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