Firstly I am glad to see Reuben has a new album out . No talent like his is to go to waste. Seems like he has a new team that are trying to make us believe. So for the effort I gave him 3 stars but it is a work in progress. H Still has a lot to do.

I had to read the album cover again and it did say Unconditional Love. Ok, I  get it. Put together some love songs, some old, some new and voila you have Unconditional Love. For me after the first track I  kind of floated off to sleep. They were all the same tempo except for one track 9 and they all sounded the same. Boring. The delivery of the songs also made Reuben sound like a teenager . No maturity in the voice so it puts a mature person like me in an uncomfortable position thinking I am listening to puppy love between teenagers.

Reuben, take my advise. Find the person/persons that wrote for Luther Vandross and Teddy Prendergrass and make them write for you. Better yet find a producer that can make your voice sound mature on the tracks. Thirdly love songs don’t all have to be monolithic and dreary. If you doubt me listen to Luther and Teddy again. I have to put you in the same category as these guys because your voice is compared to these guys and like it or not you are the new Luther ,the new Teddy so accept it and run with it. Put your own style and deliver quality mature light my fire sexy love songs and also world songs that will make grown women throw their under wear at you and grown men go home and make babies like them good ole days. So many of us grown folks were made to Teddy Pendergrass “Turn off the Lights”. Create a mood Reuben , its a mood, a romantic mood.

The album is fair at best but boring at worst. Don’t give up. Don’t ever give up. Greatness was never meant to be cheap.

Listen to the track here.

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