Jamaica has lost another of her sons. Bunny Rugs, one of the founding member of the reggae group Third World died February 4 . Bunny ‘along with the group that they made famous Third World can be described as reggae purist. He and the group are in the same ambassadorial boat with Jimmy Cliff , messengers of reggae music all over the world. He and Third World took the music to countries that have never heard of reggae and inspired by Bob Marley, dedicated their work to producing the purist form of reggae . Their music was reggae at the highest form. They were Jamaica’s Reggae Ambassadors and Jamaica’s cultural keepers of the musical artform.

Bunny Rugs soaring voice can be heard on many of Third Worlds music as well as his own release. In tribute to Jamaica’s 50th independence he released the song Land We Love. There you can see the beautiful and memorable images of his country caressed with his velvet voice. Bunny Rugs was a reggae icon, spoken in the same sentence as Bob Marley when speaking about the legends of Reggae. He is gone but his work remains with us and so we can celebrate and give the father thanks for allowing us to know him and for the father granting him the gift of music to leave his mark on his craft. His craft was music. His strength was his voice, His legacy will be his exemplary music , engaging personality and unforgettable smile. Bunny was a consummate performer.

Jamaica has lost another son. Blessed be to the father. He has made his mark and has done well. We have his music, we have his memories but most importantly Bunny has our love. RIP Bunny. We will sing and celebrate your music, forever.Amen.

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