My friend posted this on his FB page and it struck a chord with me. A lot of people need other people’s validation of their life for them to move forward. Yes some of us are weaker and suffer from a lack of confidence and positive influences in their lives. But i believe we all were born with one thing ….a soul. We are all born with grace and a soul filled with divine love. That love is what males us a human being capable of love . So learn to love self first. Love gives us personal power. Don’t ever give your personal power away. You would have lost the wind behind you just from seeking validation. Love #1 FIRST.

“…where all my church people at? …listen, today – when you pastor tells you how UNWORTHY you are and likens you to the “fitly rags” example …today – when, and if, the songstress belts out that lent-filled song to “soften” your heart to give of penance …just remember one thing …YOU are a perfect manifestation of your creator (whatever you attribute your genesis to) …there is no flaw in you, there is no malfunction in your make up, there is NO need to lament your existence (as that is NO existence at all) …celebrate your inperfections as the things to trigger your evolution and character …celebrate your differences with those around you …celebrate, and don’t curse the same and remember, any God who creates flawed people then punishes them for it is flawed first …let NO man who knows not you – define you …happy Sunday.’

Truer words have never been said. Thanks Kirk.

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