Good morning everyone. Do you know that in each one of us lies greatness? Really. Just stop for a minute. Every person on this planet is here for a reason. We may never know why but no one is here by mistake.

Now each person has a super natural grace that can only be found if you dig deep inside your soul and that is what I call greatness. You see greatness sees no color, or creed. No one can take it from you so don’t be afraid of whats inside when you dig deeper.

Richard from the video reminds us of this simple truth. Faced with struggles and hardships he dig deeper and found greatness. He reminds us that greatness is not a 9 letter word that can be bought for only the wealthy. It is a grace given to every person. It allows everyone to start from a level playing field.

Poverty, fear, anxiety, nay sayers and sometimes even your own family are the veil that covers greatness. As the post yesterday reminds us, get rid of the toxic negatives in your life. Whatever you think and you suddenly get up and say I will do this, that is the beginning of greatness.

Nothing is too small or crazy. Everything is in the bag. So walk with your load, stare it in the face and say i Can. Robert’s video is touching and up-lifting. He got his epiphany with his son. He responded and now he is tasting greatness. Remember greatness is not about how successful you are. Its about how many lives you have touched as a result of touching your own life.

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