Your lifestyles is very personal. It is your personal brand. Think about it- we are born drinking milk and formulas, sound like something out of the chemistry lab, then our taste buds are developed and we dislike the bland ‘baby food’. We cry and begin to consume what we are given and so it goes until some of us change our eating habits for one reason or the other.

We are all so different physically and some people can consume all the so called bad food items and still not have problems, while others do. At the end of the day its your personal choice. So what you decide to put in your mouth if it gives you pleasure go ahead but just remember moderation. Moderation is not necessarily good for everything, but in terms of what you consume it usually is a good vice.

Your body has limits so eat with moderation, don’t overstep its limits as then what is pleasurable is no longer a pleasure. Good health and a good life meets at the intersection of moderation.

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