New year begins but it is still a continuation
What is new about the new year?
A change in the number
Anyone can do that
A child does that in kindergarten
Great Shit..Nobody Noticed

A world compartmentalized by economies, race, religion, color,
One world but so many nations
Each breathing their own air of justice and human rights
Do we live on one planet , the human planet Or is it just individual interpretations of human existence? Great Shit..Nobody Noticed

This place called Earth we come to know as our dwelling, our birthright Given to us by the Almighty to be fruitful and multiply
We have made it our individual playground
Creating Kings, Queens, Presidents and Chiefs
Wealthy , super wealthy and something called the Middle Class
Created a class of people marginalized and brainwashed to think little of themselves Thinking they are not worth of love, care, affection
The devaluation of man to create value for the wealthy
Man created these experiences
But on whose directives, on whose authority
What gives Man the right to claim land of the Almighty his personal prize Who tells him to carve out races and class To set nations above nations, people above people, First world, second world , third world what about One World?
Great Shit..Nobody Noticed

Wars for land, whose name is written on it?
They fight for wealth race and religion They hang, they maim, they burn , they crucify
Whoever differs from an individual thought is killed or marginalized
The irony of human existence Man Kills to Live One half is obese and another half starving Some allowed to die so others can live Killed or be killed the human theme of life
Great Shit..Nobody Noticed

Man has used his infinite graces
To master the fruits of life
Science, Transportation, Communication
Medical, Social, Musical, Theatrical. Urban
But still these fruits are selectively given and
Grudgingly received
Great Shit..Nobody Noticed

Where is it written that life will be like this
One of contrast, sorrow, fair and joy?
Where is it written that some will live abundantly
And some will die horrifically?
By whose hand was man given the authority
To choose who lives and who dies
Who eat and who doesn’t
Who works and who doesn’t
Who is wealthy and who doesn’t
Which evil force decides the fate of man?
Great Shit..Nobody Noticed

And yet in the silence
In every Man’s heart
There lies a voice that says to him
As rich as you are or as poor as you think are Whether gluttonous or starving
As educated as you are or as stupid as you think you can be
As religious you are or a heretic as you call yourself to be
You will return to where you came
To the world of ethereal souls
Where wealth, poverty, war, commerce
And all the trappings of human existence
Does not exist
A place where in the silence of his own existence
He speaks not, he thinks not
He sings not, he dances not
He worships not, He loves not
Floating in space,
A soul that has No nation, No color
No religion, No wealth
No hate or No feelings
Great Shit..Nobody Noticed.

Paul Tomlinson(c) 2014


  1. Is life worth living if you’re caught in a situation where there are no other options but suicide? I pray on a daily basis that the man I mistakenly married would die soon. Two years ago, after his stroke, he has become narcissistic, self centered and consuming, demanding but most of all abusive. Each and every day I’m getting sicker and weaker from his thoughtless actions and treatment towards me. If I mention that I want a divorce, he only laughs in my face and mocks me. If I were to kill him, then I’m the one who’ll face prison time and he’s just not worth it. Everyone who can see right through his hypocrisy has walked away from him and those that are not perspective enough to realize that he’s an abuser and a hypocrite are just as cruel as he is. He craves on the sympathy of others, at least the ones he has fooled are as ignorant as he is. But I’m waiting for The Hand of G-d to remove me from this life of hell or give me the strength to aid and assist me to take my own life, no matter how much of a sin it may be. I don’t want to eat for fear that it will keep me alive longer, he keeps me awake all night with his demands, so maybe from lack of sleep, the one time I close my eyes, I pray that G-d will take the breath from my body. My only regret is leaving my children and grandchildren without a mother, but if they cared enough about me, they would have removed me from this G-d Forsaken Hell that they see going through.
    I wish I would have the courage to take my own life as painlessly and quickly as possible. Will I be missed? Will anyone notice that this caring person who spent her life sacrificing for others, leave a gap in anyone’s life? Keep laughing and mocking me bastard because soon enough you’ll only have yourself to blame for this tragedy and sin and I will finally Rest In Peace.

    Liked by 1 person

    • You know….not that it may matter but you could run away or something…yeah you’d be leaving behind those who love you…but isn’t it better than you giving away your life for a life of hell as you say….


    • You know….not that it may matter but you could run away or something…yeah you’d be leaving behind those who love you…but isn’t it better than you giving away your life for a life of hell as you say….


  2. hello, you’re little rant was quite interesting to me and the book shown looks like something I might enjoy. Is the book for sale and if so where can buy it?


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