I find it interesting that we are now in a “new year” but still in the same week that ended last year. This reinforces the notion that time is just an illusion constructed essentially to measure our journey from womb to tomb.

On that note, I feel proud to be able to say that I am now entering my 57th year of life. I know that in today’s world, aging is being framed as a disease. Well, having personally known over thirty young men who died violently before age twenty (I still mourn for them within my innermost self) and having literally narrowly escaped death in 1988, – I still have the knife scar in my neck as a reminder …

I am celebrating my age and I’m happy to be aging. Let’s face it; once we are born, there are two options open to us, regarding our exit from this corporeal realm; die sooner, or die later. I’ll take every minute i can get here, and celebrate it, living as loudly as I can. And when my time comes to tread on, I resolve, unlike Dylan Thomas, to go quietly into that good night. Until then, I’m making as much poem-noise as I can, yeah man. Klyde Broox. 1.2.14

Klyde Broox is a poet from Jamaica now residing in Canada. He is an established poet performing many of his works all over the diaspora, the US and Canada. His latest work ‘My Best Friend is White” can be purchased at Amazon.


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