With my last post for 2013 I thought I would share with you a simple truth of life. It’s not anything you have not heard before but it is something that we always take for granted and that is our comfort zone. 

We all have a comfort zone. Its our feel good zone, like eating the ice cream or chocolate bar. We are human so it is natural to have this place of safety where we can huddle . But staying there every day gets you no-where. Its like the man in a prison, a 4×4 cell around him every day, he paces, he gets up, he does push ups, he squats but technically he has not moved an inch out of those walls. His comfort zone, although imposed physically traps him for breathing, from growing.

So my message to you today is don’t get comfortable in your comfort zone. Its social suicide. it’s also mental slavery as you become a slave to the same routine accomplishing nothing. If you plant a seed it immediately gets out of the comfort zone you placed it in and grows. You must do the same. Staying in your zone only guarantees one thing, safety. But life is not about playing the game in the safety zone. It’s about throwing the ball to the end zone and running briskly to the finish to score a touchdown. Now that is where the magic becomes a reality.

2013 has come and gone. Turn your page and start a new chapter. Have the best 2014 ever. One love to you all.



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