Many lands once belonged to England
Now; as far as post-Imperial
State of language stands
English belongs to many lands

Colors of English; the colors of English
Occur also in Spanish and French
Mixed in a bit with Dutch and such
Time transmitted scents of colonial stench

Not born in England
But into English born
With English raised
Break bread as English
Spoon-fed on English
Tune head to English
Grow to be keen on English
Learn to love the Queen’s English
Taught to echo foreign English of radio
First English teacher for me
News-reader on BBC

Listen to “pure” English
Read more and more English
Study sure English
Tweak tongue to speak “unbroken” English
Write tight English, but not white English
Get bright in English to fight the English

Ruled in English; schooled by English
Ridiculed for not sounding English
And, not being English, one got angry at English
Temporarily hated English, berated the British
Swearing at intellectual colonization, for its
Mishearing of pronunciation variation as deviation

And when the deconstructed
Empire spoke back
It spoke in black, brown, red, also yellow
Including tints that might be between
History highlighted, colors of English
Colors of English; the colors of English
Enunciate in skin-tones of
English-knowing tongues
Conjure faces of relating races
Carry echoes from varied places
Resonate within sundry spaces
Orate, live, English of colors

Excerpted from COLORS OF ENGLISH ©KBrooks 2013

K.Broox is a childhood friend , schoolmate now poet who is popular in North America speakeasy clubs and poetry festivals. His recent work My Best Friend Is White, Broox is introduced as “an internationally seasoned dub poet with decades of performance experience in North America, Europe and the Caribbean”. The experience showed as he stepped to the microphone, heralded by Allen as someone who brings “incisive, intellectual discourse to everything he touches”.Broox is also the Winner of the 2005 City of Hamilton Arts Award for Literature.


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