This Pope is here to set fire to the years of hypocrisy and double standards that the Church has enjoyed for years , controlling the fickle minded and calling down abomination to the indifferent. Who gives them the right or anyone the right to cast any stone? All those preachers in the so-called churches that are jumping and pumping the so-called gospel of hate are nothing but modern-day pharisees, taking the people’s money and they willingly give them with their tongue hanging out of their head. They are creators of strife, conflict and division in society saving not one soul.

We are human. I recognise that. But frankly I am tired of those that wear their christianity on their sleeves, jumping and praising the Lord for saving their soul. If you are such a christian , save another soul but not by your method, by the one that you follow . If you say you are a christian then try this- go and eat, drink, talk and love the person that you hate the most. If you say that you love christ then give away half of your wealth to the very poor. If you say you are a church leader, dress as a dirty mad man and go to your church on a sunday and watch how your sheep treat you looking like an undesirable.

No human has the moral authority to cast any stone..NO ONE. There is only one Christian. He died on the cross many many years ago. Everybody else is trying to be like him. Lets work on that shall we? The only fire and brimstone you need to worry about is the one heading for your own soul.


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