Never has TheVoice generated so much interest in the Caribbean diaspora as the present season with Jamaican born and bred #Tessanne Chin showcasing her talents and by extension raising the hopes of every Caribbean talent. She is motivating a region beyond words cannot explain. She not only represents herself but every wanna be singer /performer hoping to get that one chance. The interest is heightened even more as there seems to be another clash of the titans , this time not on the tracks but in the vocal arena. Team Tessanne and Team USA is heading for a showdown.

Blake Shelton  put the contest in perspective by this comments…..’  You are a world Class Vocalist… I wish people would focus more on that than about you and where you come from..”.  Sadly America sees everything in a category . They can’t help it . Its in their DNA. So lets move on. All the contestants are excellent vocalist. They all have immense talent and vocal ability and so they are entertaining but the one thing that will separate the winner from the losers is song choice.

The American people have shown the propensity to like Adam’s 3 artiste. He is the only judge with all 3 of his protege in the lineup but Adam has this uncanny talent to mess things up by making wrong song selections and that could be to his detriment.  Making sure the song fits  TheVoice of the performer allowing him/her to soar  is the mentor’s responsibility  and to a certain extent the performer’s reality. Adam’s age and experience, just like the other judges , have only taken the vocalists at this stage to the place they can take them. They need more. This is where the veterans and icons  can help.

The show needs to bring in older established performers to work with each contestant and coach to take the contestants to another level and expand their vocal abilities. The judges are becoming redundant and repetitive in their comments. Producers/Directors loose the comments of these judges. Its corny and bland . Get them to perform with their candidates. The show is stagnant and without Tessanne Chin Caribbean connection it would have lost a lot of interest, certainly from the diaspora. The show is becoming a marathon where it should be a sprint to the finish. Over processed group singing, tacky arrangements, boring song selections and dull boring dance numbers all equal to a production on resuscitation and at the crossroads – either the production team is tired and want to go home or they are out of ideas. I would think its the latter. The producers and directors are the only ones that can save it. The creative room is dull. Change the room. Go outside. See color. Let some fresh air in. Think out of the box.

The Voice is not a singing contest, It’s who has TheVoice that moves you, touches you and takes you to a place of unimaginable feeling of beauty inside. TheVoice therefore is the vocal Olympics..who can go higher, farther and stronger that they have ever imagined.

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