A Fb friend D Anthony SomethingtoShare had an interesting discussion and his question was if you could change anything about your life what would it be? I responded and said I would change nothing except the times I allowed other peoples judgement and interpretations influenced me.

It kept me thinking and I also realized that frankly the path you have drawn in your life so far is written for a reason unknown to us. No one knows the journey we each must take but one thing is certain we must never be too quick to draw conclusions from what happens to us; simply let it happen and learn and be stronger from the experience.

This thing called life is a series of experiences we go through day by day. Every person, every thought, every smile, every thing we have done and are doing is but a chapter in our book. So we cannot look to blame anything we have experienced or our past . It has everything to do with making us who we are. In essence therefore we cannot change anything once it is written. We are what we have written. Once your book is printed, you can never un-write it but you can make the other chapters a work of art for everyone to love forever. Thanks D Anthony SomethingtoShare.

D Anthony SomethingtoShare’s Response:

D Anthony SomethingtoShare You are very welcome Paul! To your point, much like the first time we are watching a movie, often times in life things will happen and in the moment we simply don’t know why. However, if we are able to keep our minds, hearts and perspectives open there is virtually always meaningful growth possible and valuable lessons to be learned. And if we can manage to stay open to, and positive in the face of, those numerous daily opportunities, trials and tribulations we encounter… If we can manage to stay true to ourselves… Then in time our true destinies and potential can, and will, be revealed. Wishing you much enlightenment and success in getting there…

have a great day everyone and write your chapter.