Sometime you have to put down your chores, put away all the distractions and pause, just hit the pause button. Now press the play button of this video.You will be transported to the vast space called the cosmos and there you will see how small we are in relation to the vast open space we are suspended in. Earth is a small pale blue dot.

Over 7 billion people occupying this space and what you don’t know wont hurt you or even get your attention. So 7 billion people exist as if they are the only ones in this cosmos, occupying the only space they ever know. We kill, we destroy. we care, we grow, we love, we deceive, we cheat, we support, we celebrate – we are as inconsistent as the winds of time. We simply take this dot for granted. Why are humans so freckle, so weak and yet so strong? Why do we always take everything for granted? Is it a human trait bound in our DNA?

I beg to disagree. We are who we are because some of us choose to be so. Humans all have one gene in our DNA that is probably the only thing we all share- that gene called love. So simple yet so difficult. There are those that resist it while others cherish it . And so we live together on this planet like 2 different winds blowing in opposite directions.

We are a pale blue dot in time. Occupy your space and make your space a loving growing and rewarding stage where your audience can applaud your performance in your one and only act in this play called LIFE.

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