Have you seen the movie the King’s Speech? If you have then you will have no problem revisiting the scene when during one of the King’s therapy class he donned some ear plugs and read aloud without any interruption. Well here art imitates life and switch the scene to 2013 where a similar student has the same problem like King Edward and he donned an earphone and read aloud..for the first time.

Sadly Mushy, the boy, was bullied by his peers because they are still learning that we are all different. Mushy refused to be silenced despite his major speech impediment and talked he did. Moral of the story…as ever finger print for every human being is different, so too are all of us. Its a human lesson that we all must learn, some of us the hard way. Uniquely created, individually perfected, the human specie is flawless. Let us celebrate this every day we wake and see the beauty of the world.