NATURAL LOVE – by Kirkland Horatio

1476297_10152649188156758_68211850_n’s MONDAY and you are not here …I sit here in this cold office and think back on your warmth and the weekend that was – the way my body conformed to you (almost obedient and child-like) in an unforgiving bond

…I crave you

…I miss you

…I need you

…I want  you so much

…I wish to return to you

…you are so firm, so well-built

…so, so nice and broad (just the way I like ’em)

…letting you go this morning was the hardest thing to do, but I had to leave – we knew this was coming, so I had to face the world without you and being the man that I am – I had to be strong

…know that I almost turned back, but I knew full well that if I did, I would have mounted you once more – oh God how I wanted to …I would have stayed in you all day this time …in you all day, and well into the night! …I can’t wait to see you again though – but alas, I can’t wait to jump all over you again

…my beautiful queen

…my queen sized bed, there for me always – until we meet again!

…with love:

Kirkland Horatio!

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