If you have an hour to spare watch this documentary. Knowledge is power. In my continuing quest to seek why is cannabis ( weed) illegal  this documentary explains it all in details. The so called ‘war on drugs’ and the criminalization of cannabis is the biggest lie and conspiracy ever created by man. It is an attempt by a few to marginalize a crop purely on the basis of racism and monetary greed . By building a machinery of propaganda you control the people and make them believe what you want them to believe. Man cannot legislate morals. Neither can he fight mother nature. I am not advocating a revolution. All I am asking for is to use common sense on this so called war.When we spend 4 out of every 5 dollars fighting the growth of one plant, you know something is wrong, someone is trying to hide something. How can we fight and kill nature and at the same time build and create synthetic drugs to counter it. Stupidity must have some limits.   I await your feedback.


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