Today I begin a feature called the 7 wonders of Jamaica. This is wonder # 1.

There are no secrets that time does not reveal. At some point the secret will come out. This one certainly did. One of the most beautiful unspoiled places in Jamaica is the parish called Portland, home to the famous Blue Mountain. Nestled among the green, tropical forestry is a place called Geejam, a privately owned luxury boutique Hotel.

Players, this is no ordinary Hotel. When you are #1 on Trip Advisor 18 Hotels in Port Antonio, the winner of the Travelers Choice Award for 2012 and the winner of  the Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence for 2013 this is no mean feat considering the Hotel opened in 2008.

The hotel was built by music veteran and hotelier Jon Baker along with Hong-Kong based Beaver Music label owner Steve Beaver in 2008. It is managed by Island Outpost.


This place can be described in one word WOW. There is no stress at this Hotel …NONE. Tucked on 6 acres of well-ness and healthy living , the Hotel is for many people therapeutic but for the average traveller a piece of paradise found.  Described as luxury and luxury it is , the Hotel offers  three deluxe cabins, an exclusive suite and an independent bedroom villa. All the rooms comes with a mini-bar, home theatre with digital surround-sound system and wireless internet connectivity. Yes this Hotel does not charge for internet. They are after all a modern progressive Hotel that understands that the internet is a necessity, not an added amenity. Sandwood private villa, Ska, Rock Steady and Mento deluxe cabins, Drum and Bass suites are the names of the accommodation. The names are different, the management is different, the staff exceptional , you get the picture. We are talking about excellence here. Not some over advertised, over commercialized and glamorized Hotel that you see all over the net and media. Excellence does not need advertising. It advertises itself.


The Geejam houses one restaurant that serves custom-made local and international cuisine. Named Bushbar, the restaurant features a Teppanyaki grill, available for made-to-order Hibachi-style stir-fry dishes including meat, fish and vegetables. There is also a complete bar available in the restaurant. Sorry , no slam bam thank you ma’am burger joint on a beach where your stomach begs for food as you conquer the lines ahead of you . Here , you the guest are royalty experiencing a class act.


The other secret is Geejam also offers a state of the art recording studio equipped with musical instruments. The studio has been used by several top artiste  like Snoop Lion and Amy Whitehouse. Class draws class . Its like magnet. The revelation continues the 24 hour fitness center, the Spa , the wedding service, the cell phones on your arrival for use during your stay, in room dining service, the private car to and from the Hotel, state of the art technology in your room and public areas, surround sound in your room. Yoga, no this is not a dream. It is what they offer – no hidden fees, no pretty copy ad, no misleading brochure , it is what it is.



Geejam is located in Jamaica and it is the biggest secret that is now out to the world. We can dream. So dream of the entire country like Geejam- you would come to Jamaica and never leave. When you go to Geejam you will have a similar experience – you will not want to leave.

A luxury Hotel is supposed to promise you a fantasy and deliver this fantasy to make your dreams come true. This hotel does just that. It is Jamaica’s biggest secret and the secret is – all is not lost in Jamaica. There are still unbelievable places that are un-touched from the curse of over commercialized tourism.  Grace Jones, famous recording artiste sums it up nicely. After recently staying there she wrote in the guest book….”I came, I saw, you conquered me”. Geejam is paradise on Earth. Geejam is paradise lost in San San Port Antonio. Geejam is simply the best little hotel in Jamaica, Period.

Click here for bookings and information.




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