Asafa Powell Training Session


A journalist from the esteemed newspaper the Daily Gleaner in Jamaica wrote an article on sprint coach Francis ( coach of Asafa Powell and Shelly Ann Fraser amongst others) and he intimated that coach Francis is not ‘beautiful’ in a manner of speaking but according to him and I quote…”

Let’s ignore what he’s not. He’s not in the modelling business. Nor is he interested in vying for the Debonair of the Year award. Children, we don’t have to like Stephen Francis. But for what he has done in building Jamaicans who’ve brought glory to this land, he demands nothing short of our respect.”

 My response:

I have a problem with this article. On the one hand you are praising him for the work he is doing and on the other you are drawing reference that he is not a “pretty man.”

My question to you Mr. Writer is …who is a “pretty man?” Are you are pretty man? What standards are you using for “pretty”? Is it your own backward concept or the one that you accepted from society’s corrupted interpretation .

Drawing reference to the looks of anyone as a basis for an argument suddenly makes that argument lame and stupid. Everything has beauty, not everyone sees it. I am sure Mr Francis cleans up very well and in the eyes of his family he is the most beautiful father, husband or even grandfather. Your opinion of his beauty is really not important so making reference in the article is either disrespecting him from your own callous mentality or disrespecting us the reader.

I assume you are an educated man but certainly not an intelligent one. Whilst we agree that coach Francis deserves all the accolades for the success your reference is pathetic to say the least. If you cannot add effectively to the silence then please shut up.

What do you think? Did I miss the journalist point of view?

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