“….Incidentally, I’m going to cause outrage right now by admitting that animals do taste good. Then again, probably so do people if cooked with a bit of seasoning and maybe a bit of BBQ sauce. Doesn’t mean I’m going to start chowing down on human tenderloin…..” (source the Vegan Woman blog)

I took this quote from this great blog on the 10 reasons people give for not eating ‘healthy’ or going ‘vegan’. The writer puts it in perspective the various reasons mankind gives for being meat lovers. There is also another reason you hear as well….

Number 11. Well if we eat all the plants then there will be nothing left and the world will be ‘de-forested..”

Well lets think about that for a minute. Plants grow. Thats what they do especially when the  environment is perfect. Even when mankind , the so called ‘leader’ of the species whips, chops, bush whack or even neutralize with chemicals..mother nature comes back in full force. Lesson learned- don’t mess with mother nature.

Secondly man in all his infinite wisdom will and probably can produce enough ‘bush’ for him to eat. There is never a time when mankind is hungry. If he is then it is deliberately so . Here’s a quote from a blog I also read….(mother nature blog)

Our existence is totally dependent on our mother nature. We must always respect all the offerings that have been done by nature to us. Love for nature can be considered in terms when you use all the things that are a result of nature’s existence in a proper and defined manner. Natures gift to us are defined to us in terms of air; which is most important for our living as we breathe through air, water; it’s very hard to survive without water as water is a prime necessity for living of a person, greenery that makes us fresh and trees that are major source that keeps us alive as we get food from trees…..”

Somehow, somewhere mankind killing of animals became the preferred choice of his food chain.  Makes you wonder where did this idea came from- was it from Adam & Eve?  or the cave man era? Certainly wasn’t the dinosaurs era as those bad boys were doing the eating of humans so when? I guess you will here the reason for this is …

….”man was given dominion over all animals so therefore it is his right to kill them…”

There is also another school of thought….

God provided only vegetation as food for man. But more than 1,600 years later—after the Flood of Noah’s day—God said: “Every moving animal that is alive may serve as food for you. As in the case of green vegetation, I do give it all to you.” (Genesis 1:29; 9:3) Thus, God made the concession for humans to eat animals. Evidently, this concession was for man’s good, although originally God did not include meat as part of the human diet. (source

Wow…I  am not going to get into a debate on who God spoke to, when he spoke to them , what time and what circumstances.  It just seems  weird that man kills animals to eat, the same animal that he uses to plant his vegetables. He also doesn’t eat all animals , just a selective few. Again the selective process of mankind. Thinking about it I think we have this all wrong. Somehow we started something and it became fashionable. Kill to Eat -Eat what you kill. That is the mantra of human sustenance. I guess it follows therefore in the face of so few animals left to eat we will all start eating each other very soon. I hope i’m not around to see that happens. 

I got this post from a new blog I’m following……..

Great read everyone . I look forward to your comments.