There is something delicious about Jamaican street food. Took some time I had to ‘slum’ on the streets of Ocho Rios and had a delicious brown stew chicken with rice and peas and a little cabbage on the side – all for a whopping US$2.50…J$250.00. The best food I had in a while.

I think cooking on a fire coal is the answer to the mystery of why street food taste soooooo good. Somehow the fire coal caress the food with heat of love and ultimate care.

In front of me the jerk chicken man was adding to my want for more as the aroma coming from his cart was pungent with spices of pimento mixed with the finest herbs from the garden. The flavor of the pimento perfumed the air making the street a bonanza of culinary delight. It was intoxicating.

You should try it when next in Jamaica. You can taste street food any where at anytime in Jamaica. Jamaican street food is a culinary classic.

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