ImageNot many people like to go to the gym or even go for a simple walk. They know it is important but the mind is weak…the body is also tired from a hard days work, probably the kids get the better part of you and you are frazzled.  I understand but you have got to keep your body moving.

But I am not focusing on those that don’t go for exercise. I am focusing on those that do…the ones that are nicely coordinated in the latest Nike sports wear, or the ones that have their smart phone with them answering every call they get. Or how about the ones that are so popular that they have a crowd of persons surround them as they enter the floor. Recognize any of those persons? Are you one of them persons?

At the end of the so called workout they have broken enough sweat as a rat trying to get a piece of cheese from the kitchen. They still look cool as a cucumber…still look cute.

The gym for them happens to be an extension of their social life. That is their primary focus- to have juicy conversations or really go hop on the treadmill and start to chatter. If you still look cute after your workout you have not started to workout,you have not trained hard enough. 

So please, take the gym or your exercise regime seriously. No use looking cute and you leave the gym with the same bad cholesterol level. Like all things even if its for 20 minutes- put your sweat in it. Don’t look pretty. Look healthy.


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