Graduating Pimps and Hustlers


Today a report came out from the Ministry of Education reporting on the top schools performance in the recent CXC examination for school leavers. My alma mater was placed 37 . 

I  read all the comments and am disappointed in the schools performance. There are many questions and so few answers. Firstly let us not compare OUR time with the present. That’s like comparing apples with oranges. 2 different times, different culture. What we have going to CC is the 21st century student influenced by many outside forces none of which are his parents. The percentage of those students that HAVE done well are primarily those that are from an established family unit. I am willing to place my neck on that . So  that key element is missing. 

Discipline has fallen, period. Whose fault- well the school yard now is a virtual and realistic war-zone- discipline is often times rebutted with threats. So teachers now discipline luke warmly or none at all. Remember you cant force a child to learn. Lead me and I will follow- in our time that meant a lot- Now there are too many directions to be lead so the teacher and student need motivation.

Which brings me to my next point – Everyone talks about the budget- well its a real problem. Just think about it – the school’s curriculum is pretty much the same curriculum from our time to now-what has changed ? Teaching style remains the same- no technology to assist teachers and students, class sizes are bigger- teachers are fewer, the same daily routine both kids and teachers perform, so boredom comes in. Teachers frustrated for many reasons, students disillusioned for many reasons so he pays attention to what he sees on TV and the internet . Money is a BIG problem, not just for CC. 

CC is facing some real issues and real problems. It is a thousand times better to have common sense without education than to have education without common sense. Times have changed- people are changing- the education remains the same. Its not working. The same report says 73% of students leave school with no school leaving certificate. We are ‘graduating’ a nation of waiters and waitress. Nothing wrong with a waiter or waitress but be the BEST educated technology savvy one there is.

CC has to change. Focusing on results will never get you change. Focus on change and you will get results.  The school is a 19th century entity performing in a 21st century environment hoping to prepare them for the 22nd century economy. Moses is still teaching how to build the Arc. It will take leadership on Cornwall‘s role to change this education system. CC will need the input, money, technology and plan from its educators and its old boys who are already leaders in their own right forging ahead in the century to which we speak . But it must CHANGE how it thinks, how it selects and how it performs. Open up the school to fresh learning and save a nation from hustlers and pimps. 

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