Powell and his MVP Camp in turmoil

Powell and his MVP Camp in turmoil


Looks like the love fest between Asafa, Sherone & coach Francis is on the rocks with rough waves crashing against it . I don’t have all the facts but the Doyle personality is very shady..not the first time nor will it be the last that his name is caught up in scandal and he is on record blaming the athlete’s coaching staff.

Francis knows what he is talking about. Asafa and Sherone are free to hire whomever they wish on their respective team but I hope they did their research and findings on the personalities.  Both athletes have sadly decided to go contrary to their coach’s decision and Francis is somewhat upset that his club is now caught up in the middle of the scandal and rightly so.

Bolt on the other hand is still in bed with his- 2 different results- who is at the World’s right now and who is jet skiing? Safa and surprisingly Sherone need to take their role seriously and have a long look at the present situation. I am sure there are explanations and I hope they pencil out.  At this moment they have embarrassed not only themselves and their club but Jamaica. Hopefully this dust will settle and we can move on. Thankfully our team in Moscow headed by Bolt is NOT affected despite the media trying to rub it in.

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