The IAAF World Championships begins tomorrow in Moscow. It’s not as big as the Olympics however it is just as important. This is  the better of the 2 major meets as the athlete’s are paid a sum of money for their hard work. In the Olympics- there is no money except Sponsorship deals earned by the athletes. Here is the Championship by the numbers. 

Prize Money:

Athletes achieving a World Record will be eligible* for a special World Record Award of US$ 100,000 offered by Toyota and TDK.

Prize Money – Over 7 million dollars on offer in Moscow

A total of US$ 7,194,000 in prize money will be paid* by the IAAF in Moscow 2013 as follows:

Individual Events

Gold: US$ 60,000; Silver: US$ 30,000; Bronze: US$ 20,000; fourth place: US$ 15,000; fifth place: US$ 10,000; sixth place: US$ 6000; seventh place: US$ 5000; eighth place: US$ 4000

Relays (per team)

Gold: US$ 80,000; Silver: US$ 40,000; Bronze: US$ 20,000; fourth place: US$ 16,000; fifth place: US$ 12,000; sixth place: US$ 8000; seventh place: US$ 6000; eighth place: US$ 4000

* The payment of prize money and bonuses is dependent upon athletes clearing the usual anti-doping procedures.

Three countries bid for the Games- Barcelona Spain, Brisbane Australia & Moscow Russia. 

Events they will be competing in 47 events- male and female combined. 141 medals to be awarded.

Countries & Athletes:- there are 206 countries participating with 1974 athletes making it the largest world championships to date.

The USA has the largest contingent (137) followed by host country Russia (119) with Germany (67).  

In the Caribbean region Jamaica leads with (45) Bahamas with (26) ad Cuba (25).  Jamaica is the only small island with the big boys in numbers – 40 and over athletes at the championships. 

Jamaica ranks 8th in the all time list of medals won at the Championships ahead of Great Britain, Italy, China, Australia, France.

Usain Bolt ranks 3rd in the all time athlete with the most medals- Michael Johnson has 8, Carl Lewis has 10. Merlene Ottey leads the ladies with 14, Veronica Campbell Brown with 9.

The oldest Athlete is 43 years old from Spain and the youngest is 16 from China

Danny Macfarlane and Merlene Ottey, both from Jamaica, have 9 and 8 appearances respectively at the Worlds ranking them in the all stars of the championships.

79 entrants in the M100m the most popular. 31 athletes of the 42 are there to defend their titles.

The stadium holds 78.000 – one of the largest stadiums to hold the championships. There are over 3000 accredited journalist covering the event and will be watched by over a billion people. 

Finally the most expensive ticket cost over US$1000 while the cheapest cost only US$3.00. Let the games begin! 


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