we are the same 1

During one of my many web surfing I encountered upon this beautiful image. It caught my eyes. I went back and took another look. WoW…this is powerful. The model in the middle stood out in the midst of the other models like the sun on a dark gloomy day. I took the pic and put it on my Facebook page and sure enough it got a lot of likes.

Some 2 days later I saw the same pic again..but this time I had discovered who owned the image. It was a photographic duo from France by the name – Ankom-Dream. This time the model in the middle was featured more in the pic as his torso was exposed. This is powerful I said to myself. I took both pics and pinned them to my pintrest. This type of photography is to be preserved.

I see photography as an extension of the traditional artist only one uses a brush while the other uses an instrument called a camera. They are both presenting what they see through their eyes. Ankom-Dreams has drawn this amazing contrast of bodies and simply call it – “We are all the Same”.

When you look at the photograph its not making any political statement, it has no social or religious agenda. It just simply shows mankind in its original color- some black and one white, but all the same being.

The picture therefore asks..why are we so different? We may speak differently, have different height, size, hair, color of eyes may be different but we really are the same- we all eat different things, drink different things, wear different things. Cut us and we all have blood running through our veins.

This picture is in Black and White but it does not matter- it has enough emotions that pulls the living color into our eyes. There is no black and white situation here on earth – its either black or grey. Somehow we just cannot come to grips with the brutal truth that despite our differences we are all the same.

There is something powerful and modern about this image. It speaks truth and it evades numerous color in this black and grey world. Excellent shot Ankom -Dreams. Black and white is the new color.

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