People who are unable to motivate themselves must be content with mediocrity….thats why the Jamaican who is left for nothing in his own country does so well in someone else’s country…because he is motivated by the opportunities that lies within. In Jamaica opportunity lies with your friends that have the money and then what trickle’s down to the small man is not opportunity or wealth, but something that is commonly referred to as…’hold this bill my yute”….. so we create a nation of sellers..all selling the same thing to create their own opportunity whilst looking for a way to buy themselves out of this rotten mess created by our leaders of corruption. We are our worst enemy. So whilst I agree with the notion we are not ready for independence I also believe that the work of Bustamante and Manley has not gone in vain. In our 51 years we are still struggling , still creeping but we know our potential. All we need now are leaders who understands that to lead means to give their blood in defense of what is right, just and unpopular.

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