Jamaica’s Independence – STOP THE CALLING

As we celebrate our independence today August 6th our leaders have given their messages…..

Governor General…”51st independence a call to rise and build”
Opposition Leader….calls for national recommitment as we celebrate
Prime Minister…….” Give thanks and praises we are 51”…..

Our leaders are very good at ‘calling”..call for this, call for that. Get up off your asses and stop the ‘calling’. Get it done. Jamaica so long for leaders who are honest and fearless.Our economy is the direct result of careless leadership, one that is insular and preys on the least of the people in this country, allowing them to celebrate their ignorance rewarding them with money not earned honestly.

Lets call for justice for all, that no class of people is above the law. Lets call for accountability of the people’s money and prosecute those that steal and plunder the wealth of the nation, lets call for making decisions that benefits the interest of the country and not the influential few like the churches and other lobbyist group, lets call for better health care as it remains a luxury for the majority in this nation, lets call for better protection of our elderly and youth, I can go on . But our leaders are indecisive , stagnant , procrastinating , posturing and protecting their own interest. Save a few, our leaders are this country’s biggest disappointment. Show the people corruption and they will engage it with love and affection.

But it is our 51st birthday and we are still a young nation. Somehow this nation will purge itself of its flaws and out of the soil will rise a new set of leaders what will take this country to its rightful place in the world we live in … Jamaica is still a blessed and beautiful country!

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