There is an old african saying that says..he who cannot dance will say the drum is bad. I can also add..he who cannot sing will say ‘the instrument is out of tune.” God gives talent but it takes work to turn that talent into genius. Everyone has some form of talent but what separates us  is who has the courage to follow that talent to the dark places it leads?. These 3 ladies here, they have been to hell and back refining , honing and maturing their gift and now they are a genius of their craft. We don’t make much of our ‘celebrities’  neither here in Jamaica or in the islands of the Caribbean…so today on the eve of Jamaica’s independence I salute these women who I have had the pleasure of working with. You are giving back to God what he has given you..your talent. Ladies, I salute you. Talent without effort is a tragedy and you are the masters of your game.