I recently discovered this talented rapper – his name is Ramaj – a rapper from Atlanta. Normally I don’t really listen to rap music as most of the artist speak of subject matters that I do not associate with. But this young man is different. His lyrics comes from a place that is deep and thought provoking. When you listen to his music you feel pain, anger, frustration, hope and joy. Why you may ask? Well like most rappers he too has a story, a compelling one too. I wont go into it. Find it out yourself and enjoy the experience. It will help you appreciate his music and maybe you can see where he is coming from and why he writes the way he writes.

Oh, when you discover him you will also see that mainstream media also refers to him as the ‘gay rapper”. Ummm what is a ‘gay rapper’? I get it. Because he happens to be gay he is automatically categorized as a ‘gay rapper”! Hmmm what if he were disabled or rich or a Mormon or a Muslim would they call him ‘Mormon Rapper”, “Disabled Rapper” or “Muslim Rapper”?…Class, race, sexuality, gender and all other categories by which we categorize and dismiss each other need to be excavated from the inside.

Society continues to disable themselves by putting a label on persons  to help them define the person. Ramaj is an ARTISTE, period. You can’t put a box around him. You can’t put a label on him . His music is rap and it also is reggae, pop, R&B, country and even the Blues.

I am a believer and I hope you are too. Ramaj is using that God given talent that he gave us all and he is putting it to good use. I hope when he stands before him at the end of his life he can say to the creator…I have no more talent left…I have used every thing you gave me…..

Go discover talent…..


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