Image A friend and I recently had a discussion on porn, its relevance and profitability. He was of the opinion that the industry was a monstrous bastard using the poor actors, and profiting from their images and video. I disagreed with him and wrote this response to a thread he sent me…

This is his feed….

….”many porn producers offer quick many and empty promises of fame and possible fortunes that never come into being because a porn models life is short lived and that model is only as good as the next pretty face that comes along and that’s a dime a dozen. I have come across many current and former porn stars who have no car or reliable transportation and many continue to be dependent on others for food and a place to stay. Some resort to escorting that is still not providing adequate support. Now, the smart thing for these so-called star to do is demand royalties and residuals from their works in the industry and the rights to their images. However, they continue to get tricked and by lame promises. My message is to all you potential porn stars guard your self against the victimization. DEMAND YOUR MONEY. DON’T BE FOOLED BY THE FAST TALK OF FAME

My response….

…….again you are blaming the industry…its a suppliers market….porn actors are not difficult to find..everyone wants to experience their freaky side…thanks to mainstream media for the advancement and glamorizing of SEX porn studios are only capitalizing on it and some are making a killing. Now you are also basing your points on only a certain segment of the market – the ones I call ‘amateur’ actors who do not get the most for their craft. Its not the industry’s fault…they can say YES or NO..period. But the lure of quick money and personal gratification gives the studio an advantage. And guess what- the one that says no there are 100s out there that will say yes. Similar with the music industry and the movie industry…there are those who do not have cars, sleep around and offer sex for personal advancement – is anyone blaming those industries? Brother..I hear your points but look at the situation from a broader perspective ….the porn industry is just one of many industries that has the opportunity of a vast amount of do the job they have..keeping the price in their control…in this case demand is ever increasing , supply unchanged, a shortage occurs leading to a higher equilibrium price. Hence studios pay the market value and keep producing new content to keep up with the demand. Sex sells. Its the supplier , porn star, that must value his product and demand to be paid for it. Some actually do get handsomely paid.

What do you think? Do you agree with my friend or do you see things differently? Please share your thoughts.

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